Alcohol Awareness

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Thinking About Your Drinking?

Sometimes alcohol use can steadily increase without us really noticing; an extra glass or two of wine or beer here and there soon adds up. You may be surprised to find if you count up the number of drinks or units you have in a week you may well be drinking over the sensible limits of 14 per week for a woman or 21 for a man. Regularly drinking over these limits can make people feel generally ‘off colour’ with symptoms such as problems sleeping, feeling anxious, poor performance at work or family and relationship breakdown. In the longer term too much alcohol leads to more serious problems such as liver and heart disease.

As part of a Government initiative to get people thinking about what they are drinking, we will be asking you about your alcohol intake and raising alcohol awareness during sessions whilst you wait in the surgery for your routine appointments. Being honest with yourself and looking at what you really are drinking is a positive first step. If you find you are drinking over the recommended number of units per week (14 for woman and 21 for men) then information and support is readily available to help you cut down.

Over the next few months it will become increasingly more likely that when attending any health service you will be asked by the practice staff about your alcohol intake and use.          

Thank you for your support.